Galatasaray Hamam, Beyoğlu

According to a myth, the Ottoman Sultan Bayazid ıı, after a hunting party, was having a walk in the forest, which today has Galatasaray High School and Galatasaray Hamam on it. Bayezid sees a little cabin, and realizes that  Gül Baba (Father of Roses) resides in it. Gül Baba is one of the famous dervishes and poets of the era. He was a big inspiration for Suleıman the Magnificent, Beyazid’s father, and joined many wars with him. Beyazid asked him, if he had any wishes. Gül Baba requested an ever-lasting Külliye (a complex of communal facilities surrounding a mosque) to be build on the forest land, and he also asked for a big academy, and a hamam with a large dome to be included in the külliye. Then, he offered two roses to Beyazid, one yellow, one red. His wishes were accepted, and the külliye was built in 1481, and Galata Sarayı, Galata Palace, adapted red and yellow as its main colors. Today, the tomb of Gül Baba still resides in the gardens of Galatasaray Lycee. Galatasaray Hamam is one of the famous Turkish baths that has been consistently serving domestic and foreign visitors. The hamam has marble slabs in the soğukluk, the cooling area, which you can get a great massage in semi-privacy. The steam room is very hot, since it’s also used by locals --that’s how they like it. The central large and hot stone, göbektaşi, is also very hot, so you need to lay towels to be able to lie on it.