Despite the censorship and the great competition in this field, we are keen to educate the customer and make it avoid all the negatives and fears that may be exposed to the cultivation of hair. The difference between us and other agencies that we are contracted with private hospitals under the supervision of the doctor in the hair transplant with the use of (FUE) technology.

The period of transplantation is usually a day for transplantation and two days for observation depending on the condition of the patient and intensifies his hair and how much bulb needed and then the person can return home without complications.

The doctors use the )FUE) technique in hair transplant and medical pen with the latest advanced methods in addition to taking care of the patient's details before and after the hair transplant. Hair transplantation lasts from 8 to 10 hours with local anesthesia and without pain. The quality and thickness of the hair is done by picking the bulbs and planting them in empty places.

No surgery or stitches are applied to the head. The hair is removed by small needles with a device less than 1 mm in diameter. These scars are completely cured within a few days without leaving any cuts to the head. Using this technique, we can extract bulbs from behind the head and transfer them to the mustache, eyebrows and beard. The maximum number of grafts can be withdrawn during a single operation, depending on the strength and health of the scalp. We can extract the follicles one after the other without any surgery and without pain and for superficial scars after extraction of grafts can be cured in a very short time. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles from the area behind the head to the hairless area of ​​the head, chin, mustache and beard. Hair transplantation is the safest way to get good results. Hair needs 3 to 7 months to grow naturally, it means you can plant hair and continue your journey in Turkey without any worries, and we are always in service.

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Hair Transplantation with the medical pen

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The results are guaranteed to normal hair look

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